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Remortgage Advice

You might want to remortgage for a number of reasons – to consolidate existing short-term debts, reduce the size of future mortgage repayments, make home improvements to increase house value, finance another property purchase, fund a new business, or simply to make a special one-off acquisition. Whatever you are trying to achieve, as specialist advisors, we will be able to find the right deal.

One of our specialist mortgage brokers will take a good look at your situation to first establish that remortgaging is the best financial option for you, before running through the whole process and giving you the best advice to suit your individual circumstances and requirements. Our priority is to give you reliable, impartial advice and find you the best deal, whatever your position as a property owner and your goals for remortgaging your property. Get in touch today to get some free initial advice.

Interest Only

Interest rates and fees on a Buy to Let mortgage differ from those for a standard residential mortgage, as do the criteria lenders use to determine if and how much buyers can borrow. This is usually based on the buyer’s circumstances and what the lender determines will be the income generated by the property–local market rental rate.

Finding a lender with a product and criteria that match well with your situation can be quite complex and time-consuming, and there can be many disadvantages as well as advantages of getting a Buy to Let mortgage.